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Dealerrater Pcreviston Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 20 Jan 2017
Everyone was helpful and the process of buying my car was easy and efficient. All of my questions were answered quickly. I would definitely buy from AutoSource in Lindon again.
Google Christine Dartiguenave Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 19 Jan 2017
AutoSource is awesome! Very comfortable atmosphere, friendly and honest staff. I highly recommend them.
Google Patricia Creviston Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 19 Jan 2017
Great service! The whole process was quick and easy. The staff was professional, curteous, and very efficient. I love the Mazda CX-5 I bought from AutoSource and I would definitely consider buying another vehicle there.
Google Tyler Tingey Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 19 Jan 2017
We were looking for something as close to new as possible without taking a financial hit for driving a new car off the lot. I have to say, we LOVE our very lightly used 2016 Ford Explorer and it was priced just right for our budget. Yes, they do have branded titles but you wouldn't have guessed unless I mentioned it and we have a 3 year warranty just in case. They had a great selection onsite and were willling to transfer in vehicles form one of their other locations if we wanted them to. We received extremely competitive financing from one of their preferred, local credit unions, as well. We did need to go back in to get the TPMS fixed. The pesky tire pressure monitor system dash light was on as there was a simple issue with a sensor. They provided us with a loaner vehicle while they replaced the sensor and were back on the road. Overall, we had a pleasant experience and they provided us with great service. Thank you AutoSource!
Google Landon Drewes Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 19 Jan 2017
We had a very smooth experience at AutoSource buying a Mazda CX-5. The staff were all hospitable and easily approachable. Even the employee interactions we observed seemed professional and friendly. It is a comfortable and stress-free environment to purchase a car in. Stephan was really easy to work with. He answered our questions honestly, provided any extra information we inquired about, and helped us compare and contrast features of different models as we narrowed down our decision. Stephan was respectful of us and made sure to give a full rundown of the car we ended up purchasing. There was no rush or sense of urgency. AutoSource will go at your pace and do all that they can to help you in your decision and make sure the experience is a positive one. If you are thinking of buying a car or just want to check out their lot, head on over to AutoSource and don't hesitate to ask for Stephan, he will take care of you and make the process really simple.