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Google Leslie Allen Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 06 Aug 2019
My experience was short but surprisingly refreshing. I took a car to Hance's European for a pre-purchase inspection and was delightfully astonished at how kind, compassionate and honest the owner, Jay, and Lloyd were with me. They could have easily taken advantage of the very obvious fact that I am not car savvy but instead my experience was the total opposite. Thanks to them I did not make a poor purchase. Absolutely, the next car I consider with go to them for an inspection prior to purchase and as well as maintenance/repairs after! 8-6-19 Adding a follow-up to my original note: Now, what independent auto repair shop gives a 3-yr. 36,000 mile warranty on parts AND labor??? Hance's European - that's who! They did a little maintenance work & replaced a few parts on my new used car & at check-out imagine my surprise when Jay told me about their warranty. Holy Cow! These guys ROCK! Thank you!
Google Terry Sims Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 02 Aug 2019
Google Lianfei-Liz Yan Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 24 Jul 2019
Above and beyond on pre-sale inspection! Everyone there is very nice and helpful. I’m not savvy on cars but they are good at explaining to me what the issues they think the car might have. Definitely recommend to anyone who needs peace of mind before purchase a used car.
Google Kimberley Runnels Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 24 Jul 2019
Speedy service and great prices!
Google Emily Mcdonald Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 24 Jul 2019
This is the place to bring your car for repairs. I would like additionally add ⭐️s to this rating! I’ve been overcharged and underwhelmed when bringing my car in for repairs at other shops, but not here! Jay Jackson is honest and reasonable, clearly explaining necessary repairs and options for getting the work done. There are no surprises or last minute extra charges. The prices are fair and reasonable. Hance’s does quality work quickly and professionally. Jay knows cars! If you’ve been unimpressed by your previous car repair experiences, you haven’t been to Hance’s! I don’t usually take the time to write reviews, and I actually asked Jay how and where I could post a comment on his excellent work and superb service in order recommend his work to others! Unlike other shops that offer a small discount for a positive review, this recommendation is unsolicited and completely voluntary. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the work, the price, and the service. I feel like I’m talking to a friend when I discuss repairs with Jay. I won’t take my car any other place from now on. If you are having a problem with your car, get to Hance’s. It really is that good.
Google Rebecca Nichols Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 24 Jul 2019
I took two used cars here for inspection after I purchased them. Jay was very professional, got back to me when he said he would, and made the experience great. I feel much more confident about the purchases and would recommend Hance's European.
Google Rachel Morgan Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 15 Jul 2019
I hate going to get my car repaired because I don’t know much about cars. Many repair shops take advantage of people like me. At Hance, he gave me a fare price (I called around to be sure) and he explained every step along the way. Hance did an amazing job of telling me what happened to my car and what it needed. Thanks Hance!
Google CHERYL HAWKINS Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 15 Jul 2019
Google Palmer Mccollum Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 05 Jul 2019
Google Chad Hawes Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 02 Jul 2019
I have purchased 3 new VW's from the VW dealer in Richardson. I have always used them for service - only because it was always warranty work and other covered maintenance. However, I had a situation where after an oil change - the dealer told me that I needed a whole new oil pan (>$2,000) and it was my only choice to stop the leak. I went online and Jay @ Hance's ... He was nice and upfront. Told me to bring it in for a look to verify their word. Two hours later he called me to say that the previous oil change had over tightened and actually pushed the oil pan up a bit and made it so the plug wouldn't seal correctly (thus my gushing oil). He was able to straighten it out and there is no leak. Definitely no $2,000 repair. His honesty is a very pleasant surprise. He has definitely earned loyalty.
Google Ashley Alman Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 31 May 2019
Google Tyler Matthews Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 29 Apr 2019
This place is awesome! They do great work and always honest and fairly priced!
Google Timothy Marshall Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 22 Apr 2019
I have been a customer here for the last 3 years. Fast car repairs at a good price and excellent service! I will definitely recommend them!!!
Google Lemuel Moore Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 21 Apr 2019
Took my Mercedes ml 350 there for a normal Service B 3 update. Haha These guys took care of my vehicle without all the major Mercedes cost. One thing I noticed about this place is that they are very detailed in what you need for later or now. No high pressures salesman, only good fair prices. I will never go back to the dealership and service my car again. I will always go to Hance's. One think I forgot to mention, the owner is awesome too. You can see why they are getting raving reviews... the customer service is amazing.
Google Brad Bean Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 15 Apr 2019
Hance’s is the best. I had a fairly complicated issue that could have either been multiple thousands of dollar or just a few hundred. The initial diagnosis from the dealer was a transmission overhaul. The Hance’s team encouraged us to slow down and consider a different issue. One hour later, they had identified the problem and saved us thousands. The Hance team is super communicative and honest. Thank you Hance!
Google Joe Thorp Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 26 Mar 2019
Great experience so far. The mechanic who was helping me took the time to explain what was wrong, what was optional and what I could do to improve performance. They seem genuinely interested in earning your business for the long-term and not just ripping you off once to make a quick buck. I’ll be back.
Google Keith Jeffrey's Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 06 Mar 2019
My experience with Hance's European was FANTASTIC!! The shop is very clean and easily accessible!The OWNER went above and beyond to help me with MY questions and concerns about my vehicle and delivered my car back to me on time promised with great results!!!! IM INCREDIBLY HAPPY TO SEE THAT GREAT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION STILL EXISTS !!! I'll BE BACK FOR ANY FUTURE SERVICES!!! THANX GUYS
Google Samantha Edgerton Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 26 Feb 2019
This place is THE BEST! Last week my Mercedes SLK 280's serpentine belt blew out on 35 leading to a cracked radiator and blew coolant all over the drivers side. It was a mess. I was a mess by the time I rolled this car into the lot without power steering. The whole team was so great. They looked at the damage and provided actual insight to the workings of the car and explained it to me in a way that not only made sense but was never condescending the way many car places can be. I was nearly in tears of frustration by the time I made it to the shop, but by the time I left they had me laughing. These guys are seriously the best!
Google M S Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 25 Oct 2018
Hance’s is great. They have proved to be honest, trustworthy, and do great work. They saved me several hundred dollars when my Mercedes CLS needed to be serviced. They recently replaced my rear brake pads (rather than all four) on my BMW 640, explaining the amount of wear and expected remaining life on the front pads. I’ve referred friends to Hance’s. In summary, I’d highly recommend!
Google GEORGE LEWIS Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 24 Oct 2018
I just moved to Dallas and was looking for good repair shop other than a dealer. These guys got me in the next day at half the cost of the dealer and my Range Rover runs great. I also received a follow up call a few weeks later.