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Facebook Shawn Pahl Recommends 27 May 2020
great service, sales helps you get the vehicle of your choice and if you are an AARP member they honor it and even help you with the right loan if you need one.
Google Deacon P Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 23 May 2020
Hi all, I'm not usually the person to leave reviews or look at Facebook and all. I am a high school teacher and am cautious of my online presence but I am making an exception in this case. I recently drove an 09 Honda Civic and it treated me well as a dad bringing kid here and there. Since I was young, watching “The Cannonball Run” and “Smokey and the Bandit” I have always wanted my badass car. Today I got it. I spent a lot of time on line looking for a Dodge Challenger and I found the best options by far were at Papa’s in New Britain. I was very, very fortunate to have been set up with Zaneta as a sales associate. From the moment we walked in the door, (without an appointment, sorry didn’t realize we needed one) we were met with the utmost kindness and professionalism. My family has been to Walt Disney World in Florida on at least twelve occasions and Papa’s hospitality reminded me of Disney. They were welcoming and supportive. They set us up to work with Zaneta and she was given high praise for which she absolutely deserved. The process was smooth and simple, no nonsense but very comfortable. This is my, our family’s first Dodge. I was truly impressed with the place. They have a dinner in the building! The staff and I can especially speak towards Zaneta, Mark and Debbie were a pleasure to work with. The tome was conversational and easy. Zaneta is the kind of person that, to me seemed very honest and forthcoming, I would go back if for no other reason than that I trusted her. I don’t normally take the time to write reviews but I would highly suggest Papa’s as the place to go for your next vehicle. Sincerely, Nathan Pallatto
Google Jim Prior Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 23 May 2020
I don’t know if anyone is crazy about vehicle shopping however the experience at Papa’s particularly Zaneta and Frank truly made it an easy experience. They were patient, provided me with as much time as I needed, answered all my questions and did their very best to allow me to get into a vehicle I can say I really love. Kudos!
Google Robert Spadaccino Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 23 May 2020
Hi this is Robert Spadaccino to all at Papa’s Dodge and especially Przemek Buksza my salesman who helped put me into my new 2020 Ram Bighorn a very huge Thank You . He was a very good and patient salesperson and made my 1st time experience at Papa’s a pleasurable one , I can definitely say I look forward to doing more of my business with your team there and also a thanks to Ryan the financial manager for putting the lease together for me . Thanks again to all involved at Papa’s especially during these difficult times we all are facing. Robert Spadaccino
Google Scott Escales Star on Star on Star on Star on Star on 23 May 2020